Microneedling Therapy

Microneedling with PRP Therapy is an exciting, all-natural autologous anti-aging procedure that uses your own blood to boost collagen production and regenerate tissue.

Platelet Rich Plasma Microneedling supercharges the skin of the face, neck, and chest. PRP/PRF contains your own growth factors taken from your blood to stimulate collagen and elastin. The blood is then spun and separated to isolate platelets containing your own growth factors. PRP is then used with microneedling device to penetrate into the skin and deliver optimal anti-aging benefits. This procedure is ideal for the treatment of fine lines, wrinkles, under eye crepiness, enlarged pores, acne scars, as well as overall skin rejuvenation. A series of treatments is recommended for optimal results.

PRP Hair Restoration

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy is used for the treatment of hair loss and hair thinning. It has shown great positive results. PRP contains your own platelets and growth factors that are key in stimulating hair follicles to generate hair growth. The Platelets in PRP become activated when injected or microneedled into the scalp, releasing a variety of growth factors that penetrate the hair follicles and promote hair growth. A series of three treatments every 6 – 8 weeks is recommended, after which, one to two treatments per year needed to maintain the results.