"We were looking to expand our practice and learn the latest in cannula training. Dr. Levy provided an invaluable experience for our practice which was incredibly beneficial for anyone in the industry."

- Jennifer W.

Dr. Sarah Levy, a nationally renowned injector education expert, is now offering personalized education sessions. She has over 7+ years experience as a trainer in all of New England and numerous practices in Rhode Island & Massachusetts. Dr. Levy specializes in upper and lower face neurotoxin treatments, micro-cannula filler injection techniques, and full face rejuvenation with Sculptra. She is dedicated to delivering the most advanced techniques, Dr. Levy helps medical practitioners best meet their clients’ aesthetic goals.

Dr. Sarah Levy Bio

When you book a session with Dr. Levy, you are able to customize a hands-on education experience to learn exactly what you and your practice would best benefit from. This is an exceptional opportunity for practices looking to increase their revenue and expand their business. She crafts each lesson to suit your experience and goals.

Please contact us at (401)649-0320 or email us at fac@facialri.com for more information or to schedule your session today.

This Injector Education opportunity with Dr. Levy is a customized experience based on what you or your practice is looking for:

  • Inject neurotoxins safely and effectively
  • Add to fundamental skills of injection placement
  • Expand treatment areas to inject

All sessions include a one-on-one injection preparation call with Dr. Levy and/or her team before session. Onsite travel is available.

Dr. Levy, known as one of the earliest adopters of the cannula, will offer an introduction to many different dermal fillers with practical injection applications and technical guidance.

This training also includes:

  • The latest techniques using cannulas
  • How to examine facial structures and discuss anatomical changes associated with aging
  • Assessment skills to determine adverse reactions and solutions
  • All sessions include a one-on-one injection preparation call with Dr. Levy and/or her team before session. Onsite travel is available.

Learn the latest Sculptra and Kybella technique with Dr. Levy. This experience will give you a comprehensive understanding of these injection techniques. This program combines the two learning styles of didactic and hands-on approaches to provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to deliver the best possible patient result.

Discover and experience first-hand what makes FAC a successful, award winning, Medical Spa.

  • Shadow our Management Team in daily operations to see how our practice is run on a day to day basis
  • Meet with our Social Media and Marketing Team
  • Discuss retail sales and learn some of our trade secrets with our SkinCeuticals Liaison

Plus, get insights into the business of aesthetics from our master injector, Dr. Levy, who bring decades of combined industry experience.

Shadow Opportunities Available:

  • Shadow Dr. Levy for a Half-Day or Full-Day
  • Benefit from the optimal combination of hands-on training and knowledge transfer
  • Strengthen your confidence with injectables by applying various techniques
  • Experience what make Dr. Levy a highly sought after Injector

Expand your practice and increase your revenue. Let FAC share what has made us a successful, continually expanding business.

  • Running reports, managing finances, including budgets
  • Collaborating with medical personnel to develop and assess business strategies
  • Measuring team results
  • Hiring, training and supervising your team
  • Shadow Management team