"We were looking to expand our practice and learn the latest in cannula training. Dr. Levy provided an invaluable experience for our practice which was incredibly beneficial for anyone in the industry."

- Jennifer W.

Dr. Sarah Levy, a nationally renowned injector training expert, is now offering personalized training sessions. Dr. Levy is dedicated to delivering the most advanced techniques in training to help medical practitioners best meet their clients’ aesthetic goals.

Dr. Sarah Levy, MD.

When you book a class with Dr. Levy, you are able to customize your hands-on training experience to learn exactly what you and your practice would best benefit from. This is an exceptional opportunity for practices looking to increase their revenue and expand their business. She crafts each lesson to suit your experience and goals.

Please contact us at (401)649-0320 or email us at fac@facialri.com for more information or to schedule your session today.

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